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WHS Incident and Label Changes: Chemron’s Response

We have recently written to all our clients to let them know about a recent, potentially life-threatening WHS incident and what we are doing about it.

Earlier this year a school pupil drank one of our hand sanitisers.

It occurred late in the afternoon and we were contacted in the early evening with an urgent request for a Safety Data Sheet. Even though these documents are readily available from our website the instinct of the person in charge was to call the phone number on the bottle. Naturally, we respond immediately by emailing the SDS to them.

Fortunately, we understand that the pupil involved has not suffered any long-term adverse effects. However, the incident did leave us with an unsettling feeling about the delay between the incident occurring, the phone call, and then us emailing the requested SDS. This led us to ask ourselves, ‘how could we do better?’.

Our response to the above question was guided by our belief that safety documentation needs to be available at the point of incident, and obvious to the first responder – whoever that may be. We feel that adding an SDS specific QR code to all product labelling is the best option available to us. Simply pointing a mobile phone camera at the code will immediately trigger the SDS download.


QR Code
This is how the QR code looks on our labels. SDS QR Code

If you would like to see a complete compliance label with a detailed description please click this link: Sample Label and Explanation or see the photo below.

It is important to us that we get this right, so if you have feedback please let us know by contacting us