Glass Protective Coating


Glass Protective Coating


Glass Protective Coating

What is Vitroglaze?

Vitroglaze is a highly effective and long-lasting glass coating specially formulated to make the glass surface repellent to water and environmental contaminants. As a result of this invisible glass coating, a barrier is formed that enables the glass to resist contaminant build-up and assists in cleaning.

Customer Experience – CR Laurence Australia

We found Chemron to be a complete solution for our business with products like Vitroglaze and Stainless Steel Sentry. These products enable our reputation to be upheld for the life of the product after installation. I thoroughly recommend the use of Vitroglaze on all newly installed glass and Stainless Steel Sentry for all our metal hardware, whether it be stainless, brass or other precious metals.

Glass Coating Products

Vitroglaze DIY Kit

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Glass Coating Kit

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Disinfecting Glass Cleaner

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Vitroglaze Pre-Cleaner Liquid


Glass Pre-Cleaner

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Microfibre Mitten

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Cleaning & Polishing Mitt

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Vitroglaze Liquid


Glass Water Repellent

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Make Any Glass Easy To Clean With Vitroglaze Glass Coating

No more scaling, scrubbing and etching

  • Clean, low-maintenance glass always
  • Maintains that ‘as New’ appearance
  • Eco friendly glass stain prevention
  • No more lime scaling and etching
  • No harsh cleaning products needed
  • Makes glass easy to clean

Why Use Vitroglaze Glass Coating?

Glass appears smooth, but its surface consists of microscopic ridges and valleys that create a favourable environment for the build-up of various contaminants such as soap scum, hard water deposits and grime.

Glass surfaces consistently exposed to environmental contaminants will gradually become visibly dull and more difficult to clean as various elements buildup over time.

Chemron’s Vitroglaze is a long-lasting glass coating that prevents the adhesion and build-up of contaminants onto a glass surface. This advanced Nano-coating formulation is ideal for the following applications:

  • Glass buildings
  • Marine glass
  • Glass balustrading
  • Shower screens
  • All commercial and domestic glass
  • Stainless Steel


*Suitable for use in food preparation areas


Vitroglaze glass coating uses nano protective coating technology to provide a durable layer of protection over your glass. The layer will bond to the surface immediately and protect it from water and waterborne minerals like calcium, sodium etc.
Vitroglaze application is a simple two-step process and you can certainly apply it yourself. There is a kit that will provide you with everything you need to treat a large shower or two smaller ones. For larger areas, such as external windows, it might be best to get a professional to apply it.
The treatment is quite tough and has been known to last for many years, which is why we offer a five-year warranty. The glass coating will last longer on surfaces that are not exposed to severe weathering or harsh chemicals.
No, you will not be able to tell if the glass has been treated with Vitroglaze glass coating - until water is splashed on it!
Although the product was designed for glass, it can be used on a great many surfaces including stainless steel fittings.



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