Stainless Steel Chemicals

Stainless Steel Cleaning & Polishing Products

Stainless Steel Chemicals

Stainless Steel Cleaning & Polishing Products

Stainless Steel Chemicals

Stainless Steel Cleaning & Polishing Products

Chemron’s commercial stainless steel cleaners, polishes & protectants offer high quality at a reasonable price, providing effective solutions that are specially formulated to remove stubborn tea stains, smear marks, and corrosion common to stainless steel surfaces exposed to the elements. Polishes contain a unique blend of ingredients for the maintenance of all grades of polished stainless steel and aluminium. They reduce the appearance of scratches and enhancing the appearance with a lasting gloss.

“As a company, we have found Chemron’s products and processes to be time effective, manageable and safe to use, while providing longevity to the appearance and structure of stainless steel. We have not hesitation in recommending these products and are pleased o be associated with another Australia company who takes their work as seriously as we do.”

David Vine
General Manager
Bell Stainless


Stainless Steel Cleaner


Rust Remover Stainless Steel

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Stainless Steel Polish Aerosol

$99.00 ex GST ($108.90 inc GST )

Stainless Steel Protective Coating

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Stainless Steel Rejuvenating DIY Kit

$50.00 ex GST ($55.00 inc GST )

Stainless Steel Restoration Kit

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Stainless Steel Corrosion Removal

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Stainless Steel Sentry Liquid


Stainless Steel Protection

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Pickle It Liquid


Welding Mark Remover

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A broad cross-section of Australian industry relies on Chemron’s stainless steel cleaning, polishing, and protection products. These innovative products deliver outstanding restoration, protection and polishing results, leaving even the oldest stainless steel with a lasting lustre and near-new finish. Chemron polishes and protectants are also suitable for aluminium, brass, copper and chrome surfaces.

Trusted Top Cleaning Chemicals Supplier for Your Business

Since 1978 Chemron has earned the trust of Australian industry by developing and manufacturing leading cleaning and coating solutions for a variety of applications. The development team are housed in a well-equipped factory located at Brookvale, New South Wales.

For years, our highly popular Stainless Steel cleaning and polishing chemicals have remained the first choice for hospitality, property maintenance, transport and marine industries across Australia.

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