Stainless Steel Chemicals

Stainless Steel Cleaning & Polishing Products

Stainless Steel Chemicals

Stainless Steel Cleaning & Polishing Products

Stainless Steel Chemicals

Stainless Steel Cleaning & Polishing Products

Chemron’s commercial stainless steel cleaners, polishes & protectants offer high quality at a reasonable price, providing effective solutions that are specially formulated to remove stubborn tea stains, smear marks, and corrosion common to stainless steel surfaces exposed to the elements. Polishes contain a unique blend of ingredients for the maintenance of all grades of polished stainless steel and aluminium. They reduce the appearance of scratches and enhancing the appearance with a lasting gloss.

“As a company, we have found Chemron’s products and processes to be time effective, manageable and safe to use, while providing longevity to the appearance and structure of stainless steel. We have not hesitation in recommending these products and are pleased o be associated with another Australia company who takes their work as seriously as we do.”

David Vine
General Manager
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A broad cross-section of Australian industry relies on Chemron’s stainless steel cleaning, polishing, and protection products. These innovative products deliver outstanding restoration, protection and polishing results, leaving even the oldest stainless steel with a lasting lustre and near-new finish. Chemron polishes and protectants are also suitable for aluminium, brass, copper and chrome surfaces.

Chemical cleaning and maintaining solutions for stainless steel of all types.

There are literally hundreds of stainless-steel variants, each with a set of characteristics that sets it apart from the others. What is generally common with them is that they will contain a high percentage of Chromium and Nickel. It is these two elements that largely contribute to the ‘stainless’ character of stainless steel. The ‘grades’ of stainless steel most encountered by the general public would be 304 and 316 as these are widely used for handrails, balustrades, light fittings, etc. These grades are easy to work, readily welded, have high corrosion resistance, and are generally non-magnetic.

Different grades of stainless steel will be found in kitchens. Knives, for example, will need to hold a sharp edge, while pots and pans will need to be tolerant to heat.

One negative characteristic that all stainless steels share is that they will show signs of corrosion under certain circumstances. Most commonly, this corrosion will show in the form of ‘tea staining’, which is a nice way of describing light surface rusting. While this rusting is unlikely ever to be anything more than just unsightly, it is worth preventing or addressing if it has already occurred.

Stainless Steel Cleaning Chemicals

At Chemron, we have two products designed to clear ‘tea staining’ away. Stainless Steel Cleaner is a highly concentrated solution intended for large areas or smaller stainless-steel products that can be submerged in a vessel containing the diluted solution. For small areas or parts adjacent to delicate surfaces, we recommend Stainless Steel Rejuvenating Paste. This paste allows you to be more precise with your treatment and to ensure only the stainless-steel area you intend to treat is affected.

Highly polished stainless steel must be handled carefully to ensure that micro-scratches aren’t introduced during the cleaning process. For this reason, a softer application cloth or method is recommended.

For brushed stainless steel, a scourer can be used and will assist in removing the tea staining. Although when using the scourer, you should ensure you follow the grain of the brushing to help preserve this finish.

Stainless Steel Polishing Chemicals

Of course, cleaning stainless steel is only half the problem; the other part is preserving the newly cleaned surface. Two Chemron products can help with this. Stainless Steel Sentry is a unique blend of silicones that will form a lasting barrier against weathering, tea staining, etc. Importantly it is non-oily or tacky and so is suitable for handrails etc. Stainless Steel Polish provides good atmospheric protection for stainless steel in parts and equipment. A light oily barrier offers good long-term protection for stainless steel parts in transit or storage. It is also a good option for longer-term protection for hard-to-access areas that are not subject to strong weathering or abrasion, such as undercover manufacturing equipment.

Reach out to Chemron’s technical team if you have any questions.

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