Residue Free Solvent Spray


Rapid evaporating aerosol solvent for contact cleaning and degreasing of precision and electrical components.

Use to clean braking equipment and for degreasing small motors, especially if they contain electrical components. Due to its non-residue formula, it is ideal for surface preparation prior to patching or application of adhesive. No shorting or damage to circuitry.

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Code: CIS-XL-2-092-EE-400-GMA

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Citraerosol is a non-conductive rapid-evaporating aerosol solvent recommended for cleaning and degreasing precision items where speed and a contamination-free surface is required.

Product Features:
  • Non-residue
  • Rapid evaporation
  • Mechanical and electrical automotive cleaning product
Ideal for:
  • Cleansing electrical components such as electrical contacts, electrical connectors, fuse boxes, transformers, substation relays, power boards, contacts on motors, circuits and switches
  • In the automotive and engineering industries, to clean threads and blind holes before parts assembly where thread-lock products such as Loctiteâ„¢ are to be used
  • For surface preparation prior to patching or application of adhesive

Citraerosol is a highly effective replacement for Moisture Stripper.
If you have any questions about using Citraerosol as a replacement for Moisture Stripper please call us or fill in the form below.

Directions For Use

See aerosol can for details.


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