Aerosol Dispenser Unit – White

Automatic Aerosol Dispenser

$57.20 $57.20 (inc GST )

Convenient and hygienic timed dispensing of aerosol insecticide or deodoriser.

Battery-powered and wall-mountable. 

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Aerosol Dispenser Unit (ADU) is a small electronic spray head that attaches to the top of a threaded aerosol can and regulates the application of a timed, measured dose of fine mist spray, for continuous control of pests or odours.
This product is frequently used with our Sentinel and Scentsations aerosols.
Refill requirements will vary. However, a 450 g can of Sentinel will last approximately 55 days.
Each ADU kit contains:
  • Electronic screw-in ADU for attachment atop aerosol can
  • 9-volt battery
  • Wall-mounting bracket
  • 2 mounting bracket screws
A single ADU is usually adequate for an average-sized cafe or retail shop, although additional ADUs may be needed in high-traffic retail environments where doors are constantly opening and closing.
  • Horizontal spray direction
  • Selectable spray intervals of four or eight minutes
  • Six months battery life

Directions for use

To mount your ADU onto a threaded aerosol:

  1. Check the ON/OFF button is in the off position.
  2. Connect the 9v battery to the ADU power lead.
  3. Push the connected battery into the space provided in the ADU.
  4. Hold the ADU firmly in one hand, making sure to direct the nozzle away from you.
  5. Screw the threaded end of the aerosol can into the ADU, making sure that it aligns with the threaded socket of the ADU.
  6. Press the aerosol can firmly into the ADU and rotate to the right. Continue to screw the aerosol can into place until you feel resistance, then rotate an additional quarter of a turn.

Locating your ADU-equipped aerosol:

  1. Decide on the most appropriate location for your ADU. Be mindful of the cone of misting spray and ensure that it will not be obstructed or come into direct contact with people or items of value.
  2. Mount the bracket if required.

Operating your ADU equipped aerosol:

  1. Select either the eight-minute timing option (Hi) or the four-minute timing option (Lo).
  2. To turn the unit on, press the ON/OFF button to be in its depressed state.
  3. To turn the unit off, press the ON/OFF button to be in its extended state.

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