Zip Strip


Powerful triple-active methylene chloride and trichlorethylene stripping gel removes several layers of paint and other coatings in one application. Gel consistency allows longer retention time on vertical surfaces, ensuring better removal of coatings or paint. Reduced solvent evaporation rate lengthens the penetration and contact time. Ideal for painted graffiti on uncoated bricks and concrete.

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Zip Strip is a powerful stripping gel created to remove several layers of paint and other coatings in one application. It is effective on concrete, wood, tiles, asphalt and many other surfaces. Zip Strip has found wide application in the removal of graffiti. It is ideal for paint-based graffiti on uncoated bricks and concrete.
The gel consistency allows for longer retention time on vertical surfaces. The gel controls the evaporation rate of the solvents which in turn lengthens penetration and contact time. This ensures better removal of coatings and paint.
Zip Strip is a triple active solvent blend which widens its ability to act on a variety of surfaces. Methylene chloride combined with trichlorethylene blend brilliantly to produce quick and effective results. Zip Strip may be applied by brush or used in a dip tank.

Directions for use

Dilution is not required.
  1. Apply liberally to the surface to be stripped using a brush and ensuring the entire surface is coated.
  2. Allow to dwell until the old coatings have blistered. The required dwell time varies depending on the type and number of coats to be removed. 10 minutes is usually sufficient.
  3. Scrape the blistered coatings away and rinse the area with water.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 if required.
Note: Testing is recommended prior to application to assess the impact on the substrate.
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