Vitroglaze DIY Kit

Glass Coating Kit

$65.00 ex GST ($71.50 inc GST )

Kit includes pre-cleaner, non-stick coating, cleaning mitten. Treats up to 10 sq m. Protects from salt spray, soap scum, dirt, grime. Reduces subsequent cleaning time by up to 90%. Use on any glass surface: shower screens, balustrading, windows, marine glass.
⋆ 5-year warranty

Container Type: Clear box

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Vitroglaze DIY Kit contains all you need to protect glass surfaces from accumulated grime. To achieve the best results, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned and dry before applying Vitroglaze.

  • Protects from salt spray, soap scum, dirt and grime
  • Reduces cleaning time by up to 90%
  • Keeps glass looking as new
  • One kit treats up to 10  square metres
  • 5-year warranty
Kit includes:
  • 200 g Vitroglaze Pre-Cleaner Aerosol
  • 150 g Vitroglaze Aerosol
  • Cleaning mitten
  • Detailed instructions
Ideal for:
  • Shower screens
  • Balustrading
  • Windows
  • Marine glass
  • Any glass surface

Directions for use

  1. Apply Pre-Cleaner to the glass surface (shake well before use) and, using a clean dry rag or paper towel, rub over the surface until it is streak-free and dry.
  2. Apply Vitroglaze evenly, working on about 1 square metre at a time, and immediately wipe over this area using a clean flat folded piece of paper towel or rag. Continue this process until all the glass has been treated.
  3. Using a clean dry rag or paper towel, rub over the entire glass areas for about 1 minute to achieve a sparkling finish.
  4. Allow to cure for 24 hours before glass comes in contact with water.
Note: To treat glass that is not brand new, simply clean the glass as you normally would then, using a mild detergent in warm water and the hand scourer provided, rub vigorously over the entire glass surface. Dry the entire surface then follow steps above.


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