Instant Cold Galvanising

$96.00 ex GST ($105.60 inc GST )

Protects iron and steel against rust corrosion by creating a galvanic barrier similar to hot-dip galvanising. Offers long-term protection, and weathers to the same colour as normal galvanising. Ideal for steel roofs, gates, fences, wrought iron, boats and marine equipment, air conditioning and heating systems.

Container Type: Aerosol six-pack

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Instant Cold Galvanising protects iron and steel against rust and corrosion by creating a specialised galvanic barrier similar to hot dip galvanising. It weathers to the same colour as normal galvanising and provides excellent long term protection. and is ideally suited to touch-ups to damaged galvanised parts.
Ideal for:
  • Steel roofs
  • Fences
  • Wrought-iron gates
  • Boats and marine equipment
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating systems

Directions for use

A 500 g can protects about 1 square metre.

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