Fire Retardant Liquid

Fire Resistant Coating


Innovative single-component passive fire retardant for all softwoods. Good fungus and UV resistance.

May be stained sealed or painted with water-based or oil-based products.

  • CSIRO-tested
  • Withstands exposure up to BAL-29 condition
  • Australian made
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Fire Retardant Liquid is a fire resistant coating that penetrates and protects timber. 

This Australian made BAL-29 certified high-risk rated fire retardant coating is a single-component treatment that inhibits the initial spread of fire. It works by isolating the combustible material from flames. Once Chemron’s Fire Retardant Liquid is dry the surface may be stained, sealed or painted with either water-based or oil-based products.

Read about Taronga Park Zoo treating the elephant enclosure – see ‘Testimonials’ tab.

Better than Fire Proof Paint alone

This penetrating fire resistant coating is superior to fire proof paint alone. If not routinely and meticulously maintained paint can weather and flake off, this includes fire proof paint.  This faking can leave underlying timbers susceptible to ember attack and can be the source of a fire. Often this problem of flaking point can occur in vulnerable and unseen areas, such as those associated with the roof.

Even when fire proof paint is being considered, it could be wise to pretreat the timbers with this advanced fire resistant coating.

Fireproofing natural internal timber panelling 

One of the understated features of Fire Retardant Liquid is that this fire resistant solution does not alter the colour of natural timber. As a result, treated internal timber panelling will retain its natural wood colour but still have the BAL-29 level protection.

Key Points & Product Features:

  • Certified timber fire resistance treatment
    Certified by CSIRO as BAL-29 rated
  • Significantly reduces the risk and severity of a fire
  • Adds crucial time for firefighters to arrive and minimise damage
  • Dries clear without altering the natural timber colouring
  • Excellent fungus resistance
  • Good UV resistance
  • Australian made
  • Easy to apply

To improve product penetration when treating older or oxidised timbers consider cleaning the surface with Revive Timber Cleaner.

Directions for use

Coverage: One litre will cover 6 to 9 square metres depending upon material porosity.

  1. Mix product thoroughly before use.
  2. Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from oil and dust.
  3. Lightly sand the timber surface as you would before applying a paint primer.
  4. Apply by brush, or preferably a low-pressure sprayer.
  5. Apply the second coat before the first coat is dry – within 30 minutes.
  6. Before the second coat drys, wipe excess product off with a lint-free cloth.
  7. Allow seven hours to fully dry – may take longer in colder conditions.
  8. For external application, overcoat product with weather-resistant topcoat.

Clean up: Clean up using water and detergent.

Note: If the timber to be treated is aged or oxidised it can be cleaned and prepared with Timber Reviver Cleaner. This treatment will increase the penetration of Fire Retardant Liquid helping to ensure maximum protection.



Taronga Park Zoo – Sydney Australia Taronga Zoo is the city zoo of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and is located on the shores of Sydney Harbour in the suburb of Mosman. The Zoo needed to ensure its elephant timber viewing platforms with thatched roofing compiled with fire protection regulations. After investigating a range of available products, the zoo authorities selected Chemron’s Fire Retardant Liquid to treat its facilities. Key factors in the selection were:

  • The CSIRO had tested the product against the applicable Australian Standards.
  • It was an Australia made product suitable for the harsh Australian weather conditions.
  • It was easy to apply.
  • Didn’t adversely affect the natural appearance of the timber or thatch.

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