Fire Retardant Liquid

Fire Resistant Coating


Innovative passive fire retardant for soft woods. Resistant to fungus, mould and mildew.

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Introducing our Fire Retardant Liquid, a premium solution designed to enhance the fire resistance of timber. Proudly Australian-made and designed for Australian conditions, this treatment acts as a protective barrier, inhibiting the initial spread of fire by isolating the combustible material from direct flames.

Once our Fire Retardant Liquid is fully dry, the timber surface can be stained, sealed, or painted with a variety of water-based and oil-based products. 

Dive into Sarah’s amusing experience with our product in the ‘Testimonials’ section. Don’t miss the captivating images of the elephant enclosure at Taronga Park Zoo undergoing treatment with our product.

Why It’s Superior to Fireproof Paint Alone

While fireproof paint has its merits, it can weather and flake over time, potentially exposing underlying timbers to fire hazards. Such flaking often occurs in hard-to-see areas, like those near the roof. To ensure comprehensive protection, it’s recommended to treat timbers with our Fire Retardant Liquid before considering any paint application.

Preserving the Beauty of Natural Timber

A standout feature of our Fire Retardant Liquid is its ability to retain the natural hue of timber. Treated internal timber panelling will maintain its authentic wood appearance while benefiting from enhanced fire resistance.

Key Points & Product Features:

• Premium timber fire resistance treatment
• Effectively reduces the risk and severity of fires
• Provides added time for firefighting efforts, reducing potential damage
• Dries clear, preserving the timber’s natural appearance
• Offers resistance against fungi and UV rays
• Easy application process

For optimal results on older or oxidized timbers, consider pre-cleaning the surface with our Revive Timber Cleaner.


Sarah’s funny story about Fire Retardant Liquid

“I purchased Chemron’s Fire Retardant Liquid for our balcony renovation, which is in a fire-rated zone. I dutifully applied the two coats and was wondering if this clear drying product would make any difference in the event of a bushfire…

We recently had friends over for dinner, and as one guest had been a scout leader for 40 years, naturally the fire lighting duties were assigned to him and his pyromaniac wife.

Unexpectedly they were struggling with what should have been a very straightforward task. Their fire was underwhelming, to say the least! While we huddled around their perfectly structured but smokey stack, I realized that the treated offcuts from the balcony project had accidentally ended up in our firewood pile!

I now feel confident that our beautiful new balcony will have a much better chance of surviving if we are threatened by a bushfire.”

Sarah, Blue Mountains, NSW

Taronga Park Zoo – Sydney, Australia

Taronga Zoo is the city zoo of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and is located on the shores of Sydney Harbour in the suburb of Mosman. The Zoo needed to ensure its elephant timber viewing platforms with thatched roofing complied with fire protection regulations. After investigating a range of available products, the zoo authorities selected Chemron’s Fire Retardant Liquid to treat its facilities. Key factors in the selection were:

  • The CSIRO had tested the product against the applicable Australian Standards.
  • It was an Australia made product suitable for the harsh Australian weather conditions.
  • It was easy to apply.
  • Didn’t adversely affect the natural appearance of the timber or thatch.

Directions for use

Coverage: One litre will cover 6 to 9 square metres depending upon material porosity.

  1. Mix product thoroughly before use.
  2. Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from oil and dust.
  3. Lightly sand the timber surface as you would before applying a paint primer.
  4. Apply by brush, or preferably a low-pressure sprayer.
  5. Apply the second coat before the first coat is dry – within 30 minutes.
  6. Before the second coat drys, wipe excess product off with a lint-free cloth.
  7. Allow seven hours to fully dry – may take longer in colder conditions.
  8. For external application, overcoat product with weather-resistant topcoat.

Clean up: Clean up using water and detergent.

Note: If the timber to be treated is aged or oxidised it can be cleaned and prepared with Timber Reviver Cleaner. This treatment will increase the penetration of Fire Retardant Liquid helping to ensure maximum protection.



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