Anti-Corrosion Coating


This anti-corrosion coating is a thin, semi-permanent, and almost invisible wax-like film that protects painted and metal surfaces from weathering and other sources of corrosion.

Protecta wicks readily and can seep into areas often prone to corrosion.

Importantly, Protecta is not oily and does not leave a tacky surface that could attract dust and other debris.   

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Protecta is a highly durable, weather-resistant, long-lasting anti-corrosion coating.  It was designed to protect equipment associated with mining, agriculture, earthmoving, construction and other heavy industries.

This corrosion-inhibiting coating is a thin, semi-permanent, and almost invisible wax-like film that protects metal and painted surfaces from weathering and other sources of corrosion. It also wicks readily and can seep into areas often prone to corrosion.

Importantly, Protecta is not oily and does not leave a tacky surface that could attract dust and other debris.   

When to use Protecta

There are several prominent applications for Protecta in agriculture, mining and industry, these include:

  • To protect new plant and equipment prior to first use. This pre-treatment will assist in the cleaning process and help maintain finishes and critical surfaces once the equipment is in operation.
  • To protect working equipment between washes. Protecta will help protect equipment during its working cycle by providing a protective barrier that is resistant to agricultural and industrial grime.
  • In preparing plant and equipment for short to medium-term storage, either in the open-air or undercover.

Removing Protecta

Although Protecta will provide very long-lasting protection against weathering, it is not a permanent coating.  Repeated use of strong cleaning agents like Farm Mate and Specialised Acid Wash will remove it. To maximise protection Protecta should be reapplied after each wash with strong cleaners.

If required Protecta can be easily removed completely by washing the treated area with a solvent such as our Dislodge.

How effective is this anti-corrosion coating?

In the test sample photos below you can see how this anti-corrosion coating provides protection to raw steel.

  • First Photo – An I-Beam was ground at both ends to present a clean fresh surface of raw steel.
  • Photo Two – One coat of Protecta was sprayed onto the righthand area and the sample was left outside to weather.
  • Photo Three – A close-up photo of the water beading on the protected area.

Ptotecta anti-corrosion coating

Protecta sample

Frequently Used For:
  • Mining equipment protection between bouts of use and during transportation.
  • Protecting agricultural equipment between seasons.
  • Shielding earthmoving and other construction equipment from weathering, particularly between contracts and during transportation.
  • Protect workshop tools, instruments, and jigs
  • Lubricate and protect wire ropes and similar cabling.


Customer Experience – Swayne & Mccabe

We at Swayne&Mccabe agricultural have been using Protecta and lubricant for over twelve months now on a range of different units in our yard. We were washing our units Tractors Mowers Slashers etc, twice a week as we are a coastal town we get a lot of salt air and sea mist which plays havoc with our equipment we have now found using Protecta we no longer need to wash down the units.

The Protecta we use puts a coating on to withstand the salt air and we have made massive savings on water consumption and costly paint jobs and rust repairs. So in ending, I would highly recommend Protecta to anyone who is having the same issues as we were having.”

Swayn & McCabe

Directions for use

Dilution: Ready to use.

Protecting metal parts from corrosion during periods of non-use or transport

  • Shake or stir well before use.
  • Apply by spray, dip or brush ensuring the part is completely covered.
  • Leave to drip dry on a rack. When dry, a wax-like residual is left.
  • Best to store protected parts on surfaces other than metal.
  • When the part is required for use, clean with a solvent degreaser such as Dislodge

Protecting machinery and equipment 

  • Shake or stir well before use.
  • Apply by spray, dip or brush.
  • Ensure the areas to be protected are completely covered.
  • Allow to dry/cure for a minimum of 24 hours before use.

Note: We recommend that the product is not applied when there is moisture in the air or likely to be in the air during the drying time.



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