Metal Protective Coating

Anti Corrosion Coating


Permanent solvent-deposited coating to protect indoor and outdoor metal surfaces against corrosion. When cured, the coating is not sticky, hence ideal for cables, equipment and tools that will be handled after the application. May be removed by rubbing with a solvent degreaser, such as our Dislodge.

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Metal Protective Coating is a semi-permanent protective coating for the prevention of rust on steel, aluminium, copper and stainless steel. Ideal for extremely corrosive environments such as offshore oil platforms, industrial plants and marine applications.
Metal Protective Coating is for the treatment of metals for indoor and outdoor applications. It has all of the features and benefits of our Protecta, however, it can be used for the permanent protection of all metals against corrosive elements.
Metal Protective Coating is a solvent-deposited coating. This means that once applied, the solvent evaporates, leaving the protective coating. Unlike many permanent coatings, Metal Protective Coating can be removed by a rubbing action in conjunction with a solvent degreaser, such as our Dislodge.
When cured, Metal Protective Coating is not sticky to the touch. This makes it ideal for cables, equipment and tools that will be handled after the application.

Direction for use

Dilution: Dilution is not required.

  1. Remove any moisture from the surface to be protected. Our Moisture Stripper is ideal for this.
  2. Shake well before use.
  3. Apply by spray, dip or brush, ensuring the surface is completely covered.
  4. Allow coating to dry and cure.
    Curing time will vary with climatic conditions; 20 minutes is normally adequate. When dry, a waxy residue is left.
  5. To remove the coating, clean with a solvent degreaser. Our Dislodge is ideal for this.

Note: We recommend that the coating is not applied when there is moisture in the air or likely to be in the air during the drying time. 



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