Anti Spatter


For all types of welding. Protects surrounding metal from molten spatter adhesion during welding. Prevents MIG welding tip nozzle clogging. Non-flammable, water-based, contains no petroleum solvents, no offensive odour or fumes. Biodegradable and leaves no petroleum residue on hands. Needs no rinsing prior to painting welded surface – saving time and materials.

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  • Prolongs nozzle life
  • Prevents spatter adhesion
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-flammable
  • Water-based
  • No harmful fumes when welding
  • Odourless and safe on skin
Anti Spatter is a pre-welding spray-on solution to prevent adhesion of welding spatter and molten metal to welding surfaces. It minimises paint and coating adherence problems caused by petroleum- and silicone-based anti-spatter products.
Using this environmentally friendly spray saves time and makes cleaning up easy, as there is little need to chisel, grind or brush away spatter after welding. Aanti Spatter can also be used with MIG welders to prevent the welding nozzle from clogging. It is highly economical: at least 10 aerosol cans are required to duplicate the result of 1 litre of Anti Spatter.
Ideal for:
  • Resistance welding tips
  • Electrode holders
  • Contact tips
  • Tools
  • Clamps
  • Metal moulds
  • Benchtop splash guards
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