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Effective against a wide spectrum of microbiological contaminations: bacteria, yeasts, moulds, fungi, viruses. Sanitises degreased and precleaned CIP stainless steel or glass equipment. May also be used on floors, walls and airborne. Used widely in food and beverage processing and production, breweries and wineries.

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Proxitane is used as a biocide to sanitise degreased and pre-cleaned processing, transfer and storage plant in stainless steel or glass. It can also be used on floors and walls. Proxitane is low-foaming and ideal for use in clean-in-place (CIP) systems.

Peracetic acid, the active compound in Proxitane, is among the most powerful known biocides. It is effective against a wide spectrum of microbiological contaminations including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and their spores; yeasts, moulds, fungi and their spores; and viruses. It is extremely rapid in its action at ambient temperatures.

In food and beverage processing and production, use Proxitane in the regular cleaning cycle of syrup make-up plant, treated water carbonators, fruit crushing, juice concentrators and reconstitutors, food or condiment cookers and processors, transfer pipes and pumps, bottling, packaging and canning machines.

In breweries and wineries, use Proxitane in regular plant cleaning in fermentation and brewhouses, clarification and filtration plant, tank farms and bottling cellars.


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