Chlorinated Foaming Sanitiser

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Rapidly effective chlorinated foaming sanitiser – a final step for meat, poultry, dairy and beverage industries. Highly stable foam at dilutions up to 200 times.

  • Suitable for use in all Australian food manufacturing plants
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Code: CHF-YU-8-013-SF-015-LTP

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Chlorofoam provides a rapid and effective chlorinated foaming sanitiser solution for use as a final sanitising step in meat, poultry, dairy and beverage processing systems. It is an efficient and economical method of applying chlorine as a sanitiser. Its foaming base provides extended contact time, keeping the chlorine agent in contact with the surface for longer.
  • Highly stable foam
  • High chlorine level
  • Economical: can be foamed at 1:200 dilution
  • Made in accordance with HACCP and GMP guidelines
  • Suitable for use in all Australian food manufacturing plants

Directions for use

Food plant sanitiser: 25 mls per litre of water.
Removing mould and mildew: 1 part to 10 to 50 parts water.
Food plant sanitiser:
  1. Apply to previously cleaned surface with spray or foaming gun.

Removing mould and mildew:

  1. Apply to surface with spray or foaming gun.
  2. Allow to dwell for 15 minutes.
  3. Thoroughly rinse the surface with water. Scrubbing or using a pressure washer while rinsing will improve results.



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