Chemical Toilet Additive

Portable Toilet Additives


Chemical Toilet Additive is a super concentrate that provides odour control in portable toilets for up to two weeks and is also active against a wide range of bacterial types.

Broad-spectrum pathogen control by two biologically active compounds, glutaraldehyde and benzalkonium chloride, each active against a range of bacteria, fungi and viruses. 

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Chemical Toilet Additive is a super concentrate that provides odour control and hygiene in portable toilets for up to two weeks.

This formulation has two biologically active components, glutaraldehyde and benzalkonium chloride. Each of these active ingredients is highly effective against different ranges of biological contaminants.

Directions for use

Dilution: Dilution is not required.

  1. Empty and clean the installation.
  2. Add 30ml of Chemical Toilet Additive for each litre of installation’s capacity.


  • The servicing intervals of the installation will depend upon the ambient temperature and frequency of use.
  • The general cleaning of the toilet should be done using Power Kleen or Cleans All.
  • General disinfection of the cabinet area should be completed with Dual 100 Powder Puff as the perfume of this product compliments that of Chemical Toilet Additive.



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