Wasp Eliminator Insecticide

Wasp Spray

$117.00 ex GST ($128.70 inc GST )

Kills adult wasps and their eggs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor control of wasps in domestic, commercial and industrial areas. Vortex nozzle ensures improved droplet dispersion at a safe distance of up to 7 metres.

Non-flammable propellant.

Safe to use near electrical equipment such as power poles and electrical boxes.

  • Tested to dielectric strength of 46 kV
  • Registered and approved by the APVMA (Product No. 60519
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Code: WAS-YU-2-001-PE-500-GMA

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Wasp Eliminator is an Australian-made formula that quickly kills wasps and their eggs.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor control of wasps in domestic, commercial and industrial areas.

We developed the Vortex nozzle to improved droplet dispersion, direction, and to enable a spray distance of up to 7 metres. This distance and directional stability allow the operator to be at a safe distance when treating a wasp nest. The nozzle also prevents wastage that can occur with other nozzles due to their droplet size and wider spread.

High Dielectric Strength

Wasp Eliminator is formulated to have high dielectric strength; 46 kV (most recently retested in March 2019). This means it is safer to use around electrical equipment, such as power poles and electrical boxes.

Product Features:

  • Kills wasps and their eggs instantly and safely
  • Non-flammable formulation
  • Up to 7 metres spraying distance
  • Dielectric strength of 46 kV
  • Vortex nozzle for superior application
  • Large 500 g size for greater economy
  • Registered and approved by the APVMA
Ideal for:
  • Wasp nests under house eaves and in other high places
  • Indoor and outdoor control of wasps

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Case Study – Essential Energy Essential Energy linesmen who attend to electricity-related repairs often come across wasps that have set up home in a Power Box.

Preventing wasp attacks for these workers is a critical WH&S requirement for Essential Energy. They required a product that enables their staff to keep a safe distance from the nest, is able to be used in windy conditions, and is safe around electricity.

After examining the available products Essential Energy chose Wasp Eliminator because of its high dielectric strength and its vortex nozzle that provide a strong and highly direction 7m jet of wasp killing insecticide.

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Directions for use

Wasps are generally less active in the early morning, therefore this is the best time of day to administer treatment.

  1. Shake can well immediately before use.
  2. If the can has previously been used assess whether sufficient product is left to treat the target nest adequately.*
  3. Test spray away from the nest to ensure adequate pressure remains in the can.*
  4. Be aware of wind strength and direction. Ensure you spray with the wind.
  5. Stand at least 3m away from the nest, more if possible.
  6. Do not stand directly under the nest.
  7. Keep the can as upright as possible
  8. Use a sweeping motion to soak the nest thoroughly.
  9. Leave the area immediately after treatment.
  10. Keep a lookout for returning wasps which were not present during treatment.

* If you have any concerns about the volume of product left in the can and/or the amount of pressure left in the can make sure you have a new, freshly shaken can standing by.


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