Bird Ban Liquid


Non-acidic, non-toxic long-lasting weather-resistant liquid dries clear and near-invisible. Does not harm birds; its tacky formulation makes birds feel uncomfortable, discourages roosting and nesting, preventing acidic droppings from damaging and contaminating property. Use wherever birds are a menace or health hazard: outdoor cafes, food courts, building facades, ledges, roof beams, sills. Coverage: 5-6 sq m per litre.

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Bird Ban Liquid is a non-acidic, non-toxic coating that dries clear and is almost invisible to the naked eye. It repels common nuisance birds such as pigeons, mynahs and sparrows without doing them any harm. Its tacky formulation makes birds feel uncomfortable and discourages them from perching, roosting or nesting, which in turn prevents their highly acidic droppings from damaging and contaminating property.
Packaged in an easy-to-use pail, long-lasting and weather resistant.
Apply in areas where birds are a menace or a health hazard.
Ideal for:
  • Outdoor cafes
  • Food courts
  • Building facades and ledges
  • Factory and warehouse roof beams
  • Sills and anywhere birds are a problem
Recommended for large areas and uneven surfaces where a liquid rather than a gel is the most efficient means of application, Bird Ban Liquid is easy to apply with a brush or roller and lasts for months. Coverage is 5 to 6 sq m per litre. It is best suited to cooler climates where the target surface temperature will not exceed 30°C. For higher temperatures please use our more viscous Bird Ban Gel.
We recommend you use our Bird Droppings Remover to clean the affected area before you apply Bird Ban Liquid.

Directions for use

Dilution: Do not dilute.
Initial application:
  1. Clean the surface to be treated, removing bird dropping build-up.
  2. Ensure surface is dry before applying.
  3. Apply a thin layer using a paint brush, roller or similar, to level surfaces whose temperature will not exceed 30°C. Avoid applying the liquid within 10 mm of the edge.
  4. Clean up with a solvent cleaner.
As this liquid is tacky it will collect dust and other debris from the environment. This contamination can reduce its effectiveness over time.
  1. Use a putty knife or similar to scrape off the contaminated coating.
  2. Use a solvent cleaner to remove any liquid that has spread into the 10 mm edge area.
  3. Reapply the liquid as for an initial application.
Note: The liquid may be used on mildly sloping surfaces and in areas where surface temperatures can exceed 30°C, however there is a risk of some unwanted spreading.
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