Silacoat – Non-Flammable

Silicone Lubricant


Silicone formulation that lubricates and protects all materials from friction and corrosion. Prevents the bonding of paint, wax, inks and adhesives. Release agent for blow moulding, casting, etc.

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Silacoat is a high-grade silicone-based lubricant. Its dry friction-reducing qualities are useful in all forms of engineering, cabinet-making, blow molding and casting.
  • Effective at temperatures between -50°C and 500°C
  • Prevents the bonding of paint, wax, inks and adhesives
  • Lubricates and protects all materials from friction, wear and corrosion
  • Ideal as a non-stick spray
Friction reducing coating.
For printers: when guillotining paper, use Silacoat as a dry lubricant to assist the movement of paper on the guillotine bed. When applied to the guillotine blade, Silacoat increases its life and performance. In cabinet-making, use Silacoat as a dry lubricant for band saw blades, router tips and on-edge banding machines. It improves overall machinery performance and life.
Surface protection and corrosion protection.
Silacoat is used in the detailing of equipment and vehicles. Silacoat will protect, clean and beautify vinyl and rubber. Silacoat will protect ute covers, curtain-sided trucks and marine storm covers. The microscopic protective film left by Silacoat prevents soiling, repels water and protects the treated surface. Mold release agent In blow molding equipment Silacoat can be used as a mold release agent.
Customer Experience – On The Move Caravans Pty Ltd
This is to confirm that we have started using your product – Silacoat. This product is used to assist in lubrication when cutting aluminium.
After using this product we have found that it has saved us both time and blade wear and tear, and would recommend its use to anyone within the caravan industry.
Jennifer Mifsud
On The Move Caravans Pty Ltd

Directions for use

Dilution: No dilution is required.

  1. Apply by spray, cloth, brush, mop or dip.
  2. Allow to dry to form a protective film.

Note: We recommend testing first to ensure suitability before using it as a release agent.



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