Medipure Hands E66


Sanitiser and hand cleaner that kills germs and bacteria without water. Will evaporate leaving hands clean and sanitised. Inhibits the spread of germs and bacteria in the workplace, particularly when hands come in contact with unhealthy material. Ideal for plumbers, cashiers, animal handlers, sewage plant and waste product operators, food handlers and cleaners.
★ Suitable for use in AQIS-inspected meat and food processing plants

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Medipure Hands is a range of alcohol-based hand sanitising gels with alcohol content ranging from over 70% to as high as 80%. There is a choice of ethanol or isopropyl alcohol formulations.

Alcohol levels of 70% to 80% are in line with recommendations made by WHO, US CDC and the Australian TGA.

Australian made, and independently certified hand sanitising products.

These formulations include natural emollients to help safeguard the skin’s natural lipids which can be damaged by repeated use of high alcohol sanitisers. This helps to maintain skin integrity and prevents moisture loss.

The light gel evaporates readily leaving neither tackiness nor lingering odour.

Suitable for use in AQIS-inspected meat and food processing plants.

Kills germs and bacteria
Clear light gel formula

Medipure Hands E66
A basic light ethanol gel hand sanitiser that kills germs and bacteria.

Easy on the hand with a light emollient to help ensure moisture retention.

Pearla Hand Soap is an effective companion product to Medipure Hands, as it will re-moisturise hands after the use of high-alcohol hand sanitisers.

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