Wetting Agent

Soil Wetting Agent


Complex soil conditioning blend of synthetic non-ionic non-toxic long-lasting surfactants. Enhances wetting, penetration, spreading and absorption of water in soils; reduces water consumption. Can mix with herbicides, fungicides or fertilisers to increase their benefit. This super dilution provides excellent in-use economy.

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  • Non-toxic
  • Soil conditioning solution
  • Dependable application rate
  • Provides several months residual benefit
Wetting Agent is a non-ionic surfactant with an ethylene oxide condensate of nonyl phenol. It is a non-toxic non-biodegradable soil conditioning solution with lasting residual effect.
Wetting Agent is a complex blend of synthetic surfactants, designed to increase the beneficial effects of water. Being non-biodegradable, it is a dependable treatment with lasting effect. Wetting Agent will provide several months residual benefit.
Wetting Agent allows water to penetrate deeper, thus retaining moisture closer to the root system. It can be mixed with herbicides, fungicides or fertilisers to increase their beneficial effects.
Wetting Agent is ideal for reducing water consumption and breaking the surface tension of soils. It can be used as part of any solution to enhance wetting, spreading and absorption.
Ideal for:
  • Bowling and golf clubs
  • Racing circuits
  • Parks and gardens
  • Large factory complexes with gardens
  • Enhancing weed control activities


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