Commerical Weed Killer


Selective weedkiller eradicates unwanted growth and provides a safe chemical environment for desired vegetation.

It is absorbed through both leaf and roots, for complete kill-off.

Suitable for use on bowling greens, golf greens and fairways, sports turf areas consisting of bent, Queensland blue couch, common couch, carpet grass, fescue, ryegrass, Kentucky blue, centipede, paspalum, Kikuyu, Buffalo and winter grass.

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Selectacide is translocated throughout the plant and affects a plant’s synthesis of plant sugars and its ability to use them.

Product Features:
  • Selective weed killer that eradicates unwanted growth
  • Absorbed through the leaf and roots of the weed
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ideal for bindi removal
  • Will not harm grasses
  • Recommended for use on golf fairways, bowling greens and sports turf areas
Ideal for:
  • Bent
  • Queensland blue couch
  • Common couch
  • Carpet grass
  • Fescue
  • Ryegrass
  • Kentucy Blue
  • Centipede
  • Paspalum
  • Kikuyu
  • Buffalo
  • Wintergrass

Selectacideis a highly effective replacement for Weedeath.
If you have any questions about using Selectacide as a replacement for Weedeath please call us or fill in the form below.

Directions for use

SituationsDilutionWeeds controlled
Bowling Greens2 litres to 200 litres of waterBroadleaf weeds such as bindi, clovers, capeweed, cat’s ear, cotula, creeping oxalis, cudweed, chickweed, dandelion, dock, fleabane, fumitory, lamb’s tongue, medics, pearlwort, pennywort, peppercress, scarlet pimpernel, sorrel, toad rush, wireweed.
Golf GreensGolf greens 150 ml to 15 litres of water, per 100 sq metres
Turf Areas14 litres to 300 litres of water, per hectare

Turf tolerance:

Will not damage the following grasses when used at the prescribed rate: Bent, Queensland Blue Couch, Common Couch, Carpet, Fescue, Ryegrass, Kentucky Blue, Centipede, Paspalum and Wintergrass.

Note that Kikuyu and Buffalo grass may be injured if treatment is repeated within 12 months.


  1. Add the required quantity to half the required volume of water.
  2. Agitate and then top up to the required volume.

When to spray:

  • Annual weeds: spray when young and vigorous.
  • Perennial weeds: spray just prior to flowering and when the soil Is moist.
  1. Apply with any spray applicator that can deliver up to 50 litres of water per 100 square meters.
  2. Thoroughly wet the foliage and do not saturate the soil.
  3. Repeat after 3 weeks if required.


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