Dema 633 Blend Centre

Dilute and Dispensing Unit


Modular design lets you chain stations together to create different mixings. Mix and match 4 litres/min and 15 litres/min. Include either Action Gap or Air Gap backflow protection. 

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Dema 633 Blend Center Single Station Dispenser has a modular design that lets you easily couple together any number of stations to create any system to meet your needs. Mix and match 1 gpm (4 litres per minute) and 4 gpm (15 litres per minute) and choose from blue, red, green, or yellow buttons.

Model No.Bottle or BucketColour ButtonFill Rate
633GAP.B1Bottle FillBlue4L per minute
633GAP.B4Bucket FillBlue15L per minute
633GAP.R1Bottle FillRed4L per minute
633GAP.R4Bucket FillRed15L per minute
633GAP.Y1Bottle FillYellow4L per minute
633GAP.Y4Bucket FillYellow15L per minute
633GAP.G1Bottle FillGreen4L per minute
633GAP.G4Bucket FillGreen15L per minute

Product Features:

  • Unique modular design allows tool-less connection of any number of systems
  • The kit comes with a broad range of colour-coded tips that enable a wide variety of dilution ratios.
  • The compact size makes for easy out of the way installation
  • Easy to access to service without removing the unit from the wall and water valve requires no tools to service
  • Water inlet easily switches from the left or right side
  • Action Gap and air gap backflow options to meet local plumbing agency requirements
  • Compatible with SafeLink Closed Loop systems

Directions for use

Please download and refer to the manufacturer’s instructions:


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