Battery Terminal Protectant

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Penetrative electrical protection for all motor vehicles, machinery and marine vessels. Protects battery and fittings from galvanic corrosion, prolonging life and aiding ignition. Coating is flexible (allows for movement in cables and fittings), dry (allows for handling of treated components), coloured (revealing where film has been applied). Every 25 microns of film thickness can insulate up to 1000 volts. Salt water resistant.

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Battery Terminal Protectant guards your battery and its fittings from galvanic corrosion, increasing battery life and helping to ensure reliable operation. It is recommended for all motor vehicles, equipment and marine vessels with lead-acid batteries.
Moderate evaporation of the propellant allows Battery Terminal Protectant to penetrate deeply into fittings, and so provide stronger and longer-lasting protection.
Battery Terminal Protectant is a flexible dry film product. The flexibility allows for movement in the cables and fittings. The dry film allows for handling of treated components. The coloured film allows for instant recognition of where Battery Terminal Protectant has still to be applied.
Battery Terminal Protectant has god insulating properties. For every 25-micron film thickness, insulation of up to 1000 volts can be achieved. Resistant to saltwater and corrosive salt spray.
Ideal for:
  • Trucks, forklifts, cranes
  • Tractors and farm vehicles
  • Boats
  • Cars
  • Golf carts
  • Earthmoving equipment

Directions for use

See aerosol can for details.

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