Vitroglaze Pre-Cleaner Liquid


A deep-clean preparation for glass surfaces that are intended to be coated with Vitroglaze. If the glass is old or obviously soiled, first use a cream cleaner to remove the bulk of the soiling before applying Vitroglaze Pre-Cleaner for the final deep-clean. Finally, proceed to coating with Vitroglaze.

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Vitroglaze Pre-Cleaner is formulated to prepare glass surfaces for an application of Vitroglaze. It removes contaminants from the glass and leaves no residue. It is designed to not only clean glass, but to also provide microscopic etching (not visible to the naked eye) to enhance the binding capabilities of Vitroglaze when it is applied.
To achieve the best results, the surface to be treated must be thoroughly cleaned and dry before applying Vitroglaze. Apply Vitroglaze Pre-Cleaner to the glass surface (shake well before use) and, using a clean, dry rag or paper towel, rub over the surface until it is streak-free and dry. It is then ready to be sealed with Vitroglaze.
Preparation is the key, which is why Vitroglaze Pre-Cleaner is our recommended solution for preparing glass.

Directions for use

Dilution is not required.
  1. For old glass or glass with a build-up of limescale or soap scum, clean the glass using a cream cleanser and a scratch-free scourer. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry the entire surface with a good-quality squeegee.
  2. For both new glass and old glass for which step 1 has been completed, apply Vitroglaze Pre-Cleaner to the dry glass surface and, using a clean dry cloth, wipe over the surface until all the glass is streak-free and dry.
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