Specialised Acid Wash

Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaner


Hydrogen chloride and ammonium bifluoride provide thorough cleansing of mineral salts, rusting, leaching, oxidation and other stains caused by natural weathering and exposure.

Effective on both metals and masonry surfaces. The acid-tolerant detergent breaks down petroleum-based grease, dirt and fatty material.

Suitable for mining, civil earthmoving and agricultural vehicles and equipment etc.

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Specialised Acid Wash is a detergent and acid-based heavy-duty equipment cleaner.

This product’s powerful combination of acids and fluorides is effective in the cleaning and brightening of metals and other surfaces.

The inclusion of acid-tolerant detergents creates an acid wash formula suitable for removing petroleum-based greases, dirt and fatty materials.
In addition, hydrogen chloride and ammonium bifluoride mean that Specialised Acid Wash thoroughly and deeply removes mineral salts, rusting, leaching, oxidation and other stains.

As well as natural weathering and exposure to harsh environments, there is also the need to remove contaminants such as freight residue, mining and earthmoving grime. This kind of unsightly staining is common amongst mining and civil contracting fleets as well as freight rail stock. It can lead to fleets and equipment looking aged and poorly maintained.

Effective on:

  • Metals surfaces
  • Oxidised painted surfaces

Ideal for:

  • Mining equipment and vehicle maintenance.
    Clean equipment before it enters the maintenance area.
     ~ See ‘Testimonial’ tab for details.
  • Civil contracting and earthmoving equipment
    Used prior to transportation between sites.
  • Rail freight cars, particularly with mining and agricultural residue
  • Agricultural plant and equipment
    Used in the preparation of vehicles, plant and equipment for longer-term storage. Used in conjunction with Protecta
    Preparation of vehicles and equipment for resale.
  • All other vehicles and equipment maintenance where there are environment soiling, production contamination, and diesel fuel & fumes stains, oils, greases, etc.

Corrosion Protection and Storage.

To maintain finishes and protect against oxidisation and corrosion the application of a post-cleaning protectant is advisable. This is particularly important when equipment is to be stored for the medium or longer term. 

Failure to adequately protect stored equipment can result in increased maintenance costs, faded and corroded finishes, and ultimately a decline in asset resale value.

After using Specialised Acid Wash, or any other reputable heavy-duty equipment cleaner, you may like to consider using Protecta.


Protecta is a highly durable, weather-resistant, long-lasting anti-corrosion coating. This thin, and almost invisible wax-like film protects painted and metal surfaces from weathering and other sources of corrosion.

Protecta is often used to protect plant and equipment during short to medium-term storage, either in the open-air or undercover.

Protecta wicks readily and can seep into areas often prone to corrosion.

Importantly, Protecta is not oily and does not leave a tacky surface that could attract dust and other debris.

Demonstrating Protecta on Raw Steel.

Protecta sample

The righthand area of raw steel was treated with one coat of Protecta. The lefthand area was left untreated as a control sample.

Note the water beading on the Protecta treated sections.

Specialised Acid Wash is a highly effective replacement for Specialised Industrial Wash.
If you have any questions about using Specialised Acid Wash as a replacement for Specialised Industrial Wash please call us or fill in the form below.


West Coast Mobile Pressure Cleaning

Like all business owners, I’m constantly looking for more efficient ways to deliver better outcomes for my clients.

We work in a competitive environment – the cleaning of mining and civil construction vehicles and equipment. We are judged by the quality of our cleaning, timeliness and of course, cost.

Chemron’s Specialised Acid Wash is an important part of our cleaning ‘toolkit’. We have been using this product for quite a few years, and although from time to time we have looked at alternatives, we keep coming back to this category-leading formulation.

I would highly recommend Specialised Acid Wash to all those involved with cleaning and maintaining mining and civil construction vehicles and equipment.

Russell Temple
West Coast Mobile Pressure Cleaning
Western Australia

Click here to see a testimonial for anti-corrosion coating – Protecta



  • Lightly soiled area – 1 part to 15 parts water.
  • Medium soiled area – 1 part to 10 parts water.
  • Heavily soiled area – 1 part to 5 parts water.


  1. Remove any loose contamination. Use a pressure washer where applicable.
  2. Apply using a brush or sprayer and worked onto the surface from bottom to top.
  3. Allow to dwell for a few minutes, but do not allow to dry.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the area with water. Preferably use a pressure washer. Ideally, brush or broom to assist in the cleaning process.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 if required.

Note: Testing is recommended when using stronger solutions as damage could occur to certain porcelain, glass, polished aluminium or tiled surfaces. 



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