Rinse Aid

Water Spot Remover

$104.00 ex GST ($114.40 inc GST )

Surfactant that reduces the surface tension of water, helping residual water to drain off faster without forming droplets that can leave visible marks on glass and mineral deposits after evaporation..

Container Type: Plastic drum

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Code: RINXU0021CH015LTP
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If you have noticed water spots on your glassware, when emptying your dishwasher, then Rinse Aid could be the solution. Add Rinse Aid to your dishwasher process taking care to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Directions for use

Dilution is not required.
Industrial and commercial dishwashers:
  1. Connect container to the dishwasher hose.
General-use dishwashers:
  1. Fill rinse aid compartment and close compartment.
  2. Refill if required.


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