Efflorescence Removing Solution

Efflorescence Remover


Phosphoric acid cleaning fluid designed to remove primary salt efflorescence stains from tiles, concrete, bricks, pavers, etc.

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Efflorescence Removing Solution is a cleaner based on phosphoric acid, designed to remove white efflorescence stains from hard surfaces.
Efflorescence is the formation of salt deposits on or near the surface of tiles, concrete, bricks, pavers and other masonry surfaces. It arises when water moves through a wall or hard surface or is driven out by the heat of hydration as cement is being formed. It brings salts to the surface as the water evaporates. It typically occurs during the initial cure of cementitious materials.
Efflorescence Removing Solution will remove those efflorescence salt stains often referred to as primary efflorescence.
Once cleaned of efflorescence and any other staining, our Aqua Repello (water-based) or Shield It (solvent-based) should be used. These penetrating sealers will prevent moisture from coming to the surface and creating further efflorescence. They also prevent external moisture from getting into the structure or hard surface in the first place and creating new sources of moisture leading to efflorescence.
Note that secondary efflorescence may also occur. Unlike primary efflorescence which occurs during initial curing, secondary efflorescence arises due to the external influence of concrete poisons such as chlorides. A common example is a salt being absorbed into the concrete, where it can dissolve cement. This kind of efflorescence impacts the structural integrity of a building and its treatment requires advice from structural engineers. Efflorescence Removing Solution, Micro Inviso Shield and Shield It can help to rectify secondary efflorescence, but structural repairs and patching of the surface will be unavoidable.


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