Air Con Unit Cleaner

Air Conditioner Cleaner


General-purpose cleaner designed for air conditioning and refrigeration. Cleans cool rooms, condensers, filters and the exteriors of air-conditioning units. Removes oils, built-up carbon deposits and other general contaminants, smoke and electrical fume residues.

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Air Con Unit Cleaner cleans condensers, filters and the exterior of air-conditioning units. It removes oils, general contaminants, built-up carbon deposits, smoke residue and other pollutants.
Ideal for:
  • Refrigeration and cool rooms
  • Condenser and filter cleaning
  • General-purpose cleaning of air-conditioning unit exteriors

Directions for use

Read the product SDS carefully before handling this product.


  • Filters – 1 part to 10 parts water.
  • General Cleaning -1 part to 10 parts water. 
  • Coils and Condenser Fins – 1 part to 8 parts water. 
  • Heavy Cleaning – 1 part to 8 parts water.

Apply using a low-pressure sprayer 150-250mm away from work surface.

Allow to dwell for 5 to 8 minutes, but do not allow to dry.
Rinse with clean water and wipe down with a wet rag.

Repeat steps 1 to 4 if required.
Dry internal surfaces.

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