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Product Design and Manufacturing

Our custom product design and manufacturing is an important part of our business.

The scope of these chemical solutions and packaging design services varies from client to client and situation to situation. Although the work mainly falls into two categories.

Organisations that have a specific internal problem requiring a custom chemical solution.
There are organisations that have very specific problems that require custom chemical solutions. This can be as simple as a conversation and some emailed photos, or it may require samples of the contamination being laboratory examined and a series of chemical solutions developed and trialled. Over the years, we have worked within many industries, most notably mining, waste management, rail, and road freight.

Development of Suitable Chemical Solutions and Appropriate Packaging for Retail/Resell.
The second category of product design and manufacture would best be described as a ‘full service’ offering. It involves the development of a suitable chemical solution, similar to the service mentioned above. But it also extends to designing and producing consumer-ready products. This can include specialty container sourcing, custom design of compliant labelling, sourcing custom packaging, and ancillary items. And naturally, complete product assembly and all relevant certification and compliance documentation.

In some cases, we also provided storage and shipping. This can be particularly useful to those who don’t have sufficient or appropriate storage facilities. It can also enable smaller clients to make full use of our high-volume freight pricing.

Over the years, we have assisted many businesses to launch new products. Our clients range from tiny businesses just getting started to multi-nationals looking to produce niche products in relatively small volumes. It may help if we discuss a few examples:

Small business

Chemical Product Development and Provision of Technical Documentation
A suburban guitar retailer and servicing business saw an opportunity to produce a guitar maintenance kit that included a cleaning and preservative agent. These kits were to be sold in their shop and online. The concept was unproven when they approached us. Before any formulation work took place, we ran through the process and discussed development costs and the per-unit cost of low-volume manufacturing. Once they understood the process and were comfortable with the final product costs, we moved into the product development phase. The initial solutions were trialled in their maintenance area and with some key customers. Once the formulations had been fine-tuned, it was time to produce a small number of finished goods for a market trial. In this case, we supplied the labelling compliance information, and they created the finished artwork, etc.

Chemical Solution Development and Testing, Hardware Sourcing, Production and Assembly
An established supplier of air-conditioning maintenance equipment noticed that an expensive overseas manufactured cleaning solution was being used with his company’s equipment. He strongly felt there was an opportunity for him to leverage his existing relationships and replace the overseas product with a locally developed and produced item. After conducting further market research and establishing a preliminary business plan, he approached us. We very quickly worked with him to meet his design brief. This resulted in a large 600ml aerosol can with a special foaming nozzle that matched the foaming cleaning agent we developed. We provided the client with the necessary labelling information and Safety Data Sheet. Based on this information, the client produced the final artwork. We manufactured the initial trial order of custom labelled 600ml aerosol products. Since that initial order, subsequent orders have been placed.

Medium Business

Chemical Solution Development, Hardware Sourcing, Products and Assembly
A national supplier of cleaning, sanitising, and pest control products approached us with a very specific requirement for a hand cleaning product suitable for the pre-school environment. It needed to be anti-bacterial, gentle on young hands, not dangerous to eyes; plus, it needed to be ‘creamy’ and ‘luxurious’ for adults to use. They also wanted it to be packaged in a particular way which necessitated the importation of specialty containers and the modification of filling and capping equipment.

We work with several development laboratories; each has its own areas of specialisation. On this occasion, we worked with a laboratory that frequently works in personal care and cosmetics. A few base samples were developed, and the most promising were presented to the client. They made their selection, and then we discussed the choice of fragrances and colouring. Once these decisions were made, a small-scale product run took place, and the pre-production product was distributed to key clients and the sales force for comment. The product received broad support. On this occasion, we produced the label artwork using the client’s logo.

Chemical Solution Production and Assembly
A national facilities cleaning and maintenance company wanted to use cleaning products that carried their brand. They approached us with some very specific requirements. We produced various high concentration products that they needed and supplied them with the necessary regulatory information and safety documentation. Based on our documentation and product use instructions, they produced the label artwork. We manufacture and ship this product around the country on their behalf.

Full-Service Development and Manufacturing
A national commercial and domestic glass supplier wanted to add a cleaning kit to their domestic client offering. The cleaning solution needed to be compatible with the various class coatings the company supplied. The boxed kit required specific labelling, embroidered cleaning cloth, an up-market trigger spray bottle, and a company brochure. We developed the formulation, sourced the various items, filled the containers, and assembled the kits.

Large and Multi-National Business

Development & Manufacture of Chemical Solution & Packaging
A multi-national equipment manufacturer with no chemical product expertise needed an additive for one of their product lines. We developed the additive and supplied them with the safety and regulatory documentation, and they provided the artwork. We sourced specific bottle sizes, had the custom boxes and labels produced. We manufacture the solution, filled, sealed and label the bottles, and pack them into custom boxes.

Niche Product Production for a Large Multi-National
A large multi-national chemical company with large-scale manufacturing capabilities required small-scale manufacturing of a niche product. Their manufacturing facilities were too large for the volume they needed. Also, they felt that partnering with an organisation such as Chemron, who already had the formulations they wan
ted, would mean that they could be quicker to the market.

We repackaged our existing formulations in their packaging and facilitated their regulatory approval based upon ours. They were able to go to market early with a proven and compliant product without the need to involve their development chemists or disrupt their regular large volume manufacturing schedule.

We provide complete product design services in chemical development, packaging design, and compliance to businesses in Australia. Call 1800 812 309