Brewery Cleaning & Sanitising Products

Brewery Equipment Cleaning & Sanitising Chemicals

Brewery Cleaning & Sanitising Products

Brewery Equipment Cleaning & Sanitising Chemicals

Since 1978, Chemron has been serving various Australian industries as a leading heavy-duty, highly concentrated cleaning products supplier. As a company founded on R&D it strives to incorporate new methods, technologies and raw materials into its product line to improve effectiveness and safety while reducing their environmental impact.

 As a leading industrial chemical supplier, Chemron prides itself on providing a comprehensive range of advanced industrial cleaning and sanitising products to the micro-brewery industry.


“Performance, price and consistency is what keeps us coming back to Chemron. We buy online and have found the order process, delivery etc. to be easy. Plus, we like the level of technical data available too.”

Reid Stratton
Head Brewer

New England Brewing Co

Our Brewery Cleaning & Sanitising Products Range Includes


$191.40 $191.40 (inc GST )

Anti-microbial CIP Sanitiser

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$80.30 $80.30 (inc GST )

Low Foaming Caustic Cleaner

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$81.40 $81.40 (inc GST )

Low Foaming Acidic Cleaner

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Non-Rinse Quick-Dry Sanitiser

$79.20 $79.20 (inc GST )

Concentrated Food-safe Sanitiser

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Chlorinated Foaming Sanitiser

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Dema 925 Mobile Compressed Air Foamer

$3,036.00 $3,036.00 (inc GST )

Foaming Cleaning Unit

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Dilute and Dispensing Unit

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Lafferty Foaming Gun

$312.40 $312.40 (inc GST )

Hose-end Foam Gun

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Isopropyl Alcohol 100%

$178.20 $178.20 (inc GST )

Isopropyl Alcohol 100 Percent

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Stainless Steel Cleaner


Stainless Steel Cleaning Product

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Stainless Steel Sentry Liquid


Stainless Steel Coating

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Innovative Chemical Solutions

Research and Development is at the heart of most growing and developing companies, Chemron is no different. Not only does Chemron have a continuous development program that aims to keep it at the forefront of the industrial chemical products industry, but it also provides these R&D services to companies facing specific industrial problems.

Attention: Brewery Operators

We have developed a detailed, step-by-step cleaning and sanitising system which includes an illustrated manual, wall-mountable diagrams and material storage safety signs.

This system was developed in conjunction with two brewery system consulting firms, a supplier of CIP cleaning equipment and several brewers from large and smaller breweries.

If you would like us to send you a kit please contact us via the form below, or by calling us on 1800 812 309.

There are hundreds of micro and small breweries in Australia. And they all face very similar and related issues when it comes to cleaning and sanitising equipment and their facility as a whole. Having a well thought out, documented and diligently administered cleaning and sanitising regime is critical. It will save time, money and importantly lead to consistently good brewing results.

Chemron supplies cleaning and sanitising chemical products and equipment to a range of active and enthusiastic brewers, ranging from small mum and dad operations through to companies producing beer on an industrial scale. If you would like our technical staff to assist you in developing a cleaning and sanitising routine please complete the form below.

“Quite simply Chemron products and Chemron Chemicals tick more of the boxes for us than any other supplier. When we review product performance, price, technical data, certification etc. Chemron comes towards the top every time.

Alan Jones
Head Brewer
Block and Tackle Brewery

Need help with a cleaning and sanitising regime?

Let us help you develop a tailor-made and detailed plan for your site.

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