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About Chemron

We create, package and supply concentrated chemical products. We also offer consultancy and services in the manufacture, application and sourcing of chemicals. Chemron Australia Pty Ltd (ABN: 41 638 494 265)
Unit 7, 9-13 Winbourne Road, Brookvale NSW 2100. 1800 812 309 info@chemron.com.au
Products Browse our site for the range of Chemron chemical products. Application services Consider our complete application services that combine specialist chemicals, application by certified master tradesmen trained in the expert use of our chemicals, warranties and detailed maintenance plans. Call 1800 812 309 Areas of expertise
  • Glass and panel protection
  • Concrete and tile sealing
  • Solar reflective paint
  • Stainless steel cleaning
  • Rust protection
  • Anti slip treatments
  • Fire protection
  • Graffiti removal and protection
  • Contract manufacturing
If you have a specialised requirement and cannot find a suitable solution in our current range, consider contract manufacturing. We can adjust formulations or develop an entirely new product to your requirements. 1800 812 309 Consultancy We provide complete consultancy services, in chemical development, packaging design and compliance, to businesses in Australia. 1800 812 309 Sourcing Contact us for pricing and delivery of small quantities of industrial raw material chemicals.